About Us

The Crest Group is a firm that focuses on the development of property for industrial, commercial, retail and residential uses.

We also provide venture capital services for businesses interested in seeking management expertise and capital to grow their companies. Our goal is to seek and bring out the value in anything and everything we are involved in.

In the past, we have focused on real estate development for the purpose of creating residential housing. By continuing this path and delving into commercial, industrial, and retail facets of the market, we have found that our management and development techniques are highly successful in this sector.

Being a firm with broad horizons, The Crest Group has taken several steps into the venture capital market. With investments nationwide, we have grown a number of companies to better meet the demand that their ideas set out to serve. We are always searching for opportunities and welcome those who feel that our expertise and guidance can assist their company.

The Crest Group is a firm that is focused on growth, development and progression. Every venture we take on fits our vision of success and progress; we plan to carry out that very same pattern well into the foreseeable future.

About the President & Founder

The Crest Group was founded in 2005 by Enrico Scarda Esq. Mr. Scarda is an NYU Stern Business School Graduate of 1989, with a focus in finance. He earned a juris doctor degree from New York Law School in 2000. His interest in finance and real estate law drove him to start a firm that would focus on both the development of real estate in the area, as well as providing financial support to companies seeking expertise. Soon after forming the Crest Group, Mr. Scarda was able to grow his company to include a full real estate department focusing on industrial, commercial, residential and retail real estate as well as a private equity firm. As a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association, Long Island Builders Institute and Port Jefferson Lions Club, Mr. Scarda is both integrated and present in the community he works in. He feels this is one of the main keys to true success.